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 We must expose an ugly truth about our industry…

There’s no shortage of companies who sell CBD oils.

But not all CBD products are created equal.

The sad truth is many CBD suppliers use inferior production methods that result in a diluted and weakened product.

Cutting corners is the name of the game for these self-serving scammers. By skimping on quality,they lower production costs and explode their own profit margins.

At SOL✿CBD, we actually care about our customers. We refuse to sell anything but the highest quality CBD oils, even if it means higher manufacturing costs.

Rest assured, we’re looking out for your best interests. Here are 6 simple tips for identifying high quality CBD products:

1. Grown in Low Pollution Environments

Hemp absorbs toxins from soil. That’s why it’s crucial hemp is cultivated organically in low pollution environments.

Check to see where a supplier grows their industrial hemp. If it’s not stated on their website or product label, ASK.

If they won’t tell you for whatever reason, RUN. That’s a big red flag.

2. Heat KILLS

Many suppliers use heat extraction methods for their products because it’s super cheap. Whole plant integrity is compromised for dollars.

Here’s the problem: heat destroys important nutrients.

Always look for a CO2 extraction method. This preserves whole plant integrity, allowing nutrients to work in harmony for a more powerful, vitality-boosting effect. We'll talk more about this in a future email.

3. Avoid CBD isolates

Isolates are proven to be less effective than pure strains. CBD isolates are common with the heat extraction methods we just talked about, and why they should be avoided at all costs.

4. Focus on MG, not percentages

When choosing the right product for you, look for CBD content in MG per dose or bottle, not percentages.

In many ways, percentages are a marketing gimmick used by dubious suppliers.

When we see a high % number, it’s easy to associate that with a better, more potent product.

But this isn’t always the case.

For example, a 50% CBD extract produced by heat extraction is much less effective than a 10% extract using CO2 extraction.

5. Look for lab tests

Honest suppliers will disclose lab tests for each of their products. These tests detect the presence of harmful contaminants or heavy metals. If a company is not disclosing these lab tests, that’s another red flag. Be cautious, and proceed at your own risk!

6. Who are the founders?

Are the company’s founders listed on their website with bios and images?

Do they seem passionate about what they do and dedicated to your well-being?

If the founders are absent from the company website, that’s not a good sign. 8

You can’t help but wonder, if they are hiding their identity, what else might they be hiding?

Never compromise on qualquality when it comes to your health.

Follow these 6 tips, and you’ll make the right decision every time in choosing a high quality CBD oil.

Bringing Your Body Back To Health,

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